Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy. Choose one of our flexible plans (4, 8, 12) per week. You can also customize your frequency to get what you want when you want it. Not only that, you can skip deliveries, change your delivery day and change your selection of products for each of your boxes.

You can pause or cancel your account anytime. No hassle! Pause and cancel mean the same thing; you will not be billed for future orders or receive any deliveries until you choose to come back.
To pause your account you will need to:

  • Click on Account
  • Click Manage Plan
  • Select Plan Status
  • Follow prompts to pause account

Please note: Pausing your account after an order has been processed does not refund or cancel the order. 

You bet! To change your selection, you will need to:

  • Hover over Account
  • Click Cup List
  • Scroll down and select Edit Cups
  • Start minusing the cups you want to remove to empty your box
  • Click out of the pop-up and begin adding more cups

You can edit, skip or cancel an order before your billing date outlined on your My Plan section of your account.

Depending on your location*, you can choose to have your box delivered any day from Saturday to Wednesday.
*Abu Dhabi delivery day options are either Wednesday or Saturday

Signatures are not required upon delivery. However, we strongly recommend to be at the delivery location or have someone who can receive the box the moment after its delivered to avoid the ice melting in the heat.

We make sure that the dry ice is wrapped and separated from your cups. For your safety, do not touch the dry ice. Keep the dry ice inside the opened box in a well ventilated area. The dry ice will evaporate on its own within 24 hours of delivery. 

Be sure to keep the dry ice out of reach of children and pets. 

All the ingredients in our cups are 100% halal. If you have any questions about our ingredients, please reach out to [email protected]  

Shipping is free on your first box!

We are proud to say our cardboard box and dry ice liner are 100% recyclable 

You can skip an upcoming delivery by using the interactive calendar tool on your account. In order to access the calendar, click Upcoming Deliveries.  

To skip an upcoming delivery date, simply click on the bolded yellow date to do so. You will know you have successfully skipped an upcoming delivery date once there is a red line going through the date.  

You can find your unique referral code on your account by clicking here on the ‘Refer & Earn’ page or by heading over to the ‘Point Tracker’ section under ‘My Plan’ and clicking the ‘Refer a Friend’ button. 

To locate your upcoming payment/billing date head over to Account > My Plan.

To track upcoming orders, go to your Account and click Upcoming DeliveriesYou will receive an email with your tracking link to your order 1 day before your delivery. 

Our ingredients are sourced from high quality farms and frozen at peak harvest to lock in all the nutrients and benefits. In order to maximize freshness, we recommend consuming all cups within 2 months of delivery. However, they are still safe to consume after 2 months. 

Our products are perfect for everyone! Whether you’re on a special diet or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle we have something for you.
All our cups are paleo/vegan friendly and dairy free. If you’re unsure whether our products can accommodate your lifestyle or have medical concerns, we recommend contacting your health care provider.

All our products are safe for pregnant and/or nursing moms. If you’re still unsure, please check with your health care provider. 

Yes! Moms love us! All our products are safe and kid-friendly. If you’re still unsure, please check with your healthcare provider.

If you are traveling or simply don’t wish to receive a package on a scheduled delivery date, use the calendar tool on your Account under Upcoming Deliveries to skip your next delivery. Any skips must be done before your next billing date. 

All our cups contain farm-frozen whole ingredients that are 100% dairy free. Our suggested liquid choice to blend our smoothies are also always dairy free. 

You can earn 50 points (20.00 AED) for sharing on the social media platforms provided through your account only. Go to ‘My Plan’ > ‘Points Tracker’ > ‘Submit a Post’. You’ll earn 50 points for every order period. (Not for every post!) 

You can earn 10 points (4.00 AED) per cup for leaving a review during your order period. You can also earn an additional 10 points (4.00 AED) for leaving us a review online through your Account only. Go to ‘My Plan’ > ‘Points Tracker’ > ‘Leave a Review’. 

Your points will not expire as long as your account is not paused/canceled. If your account is paused/canceled, your points/cash will expire within 45 days from the date you paused/canceled. To reactivate your account and reinstate your points/cash, log into your account and click ‘My Plan’ > ‘Reactivate Subscription’. Please note, your account must be reactivated before the 45-day mark.

For more information on how we collect, use, share or otherwise process your personal information and to learn more about our privacy practices, please review our Privacy Policy. 

If you have any questions please reach out to our Customer Care Team by emailing [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +971527162027 – We’d love to hear from you!