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Before Revive started in 2018, I was working 16 hour days with barely any time to eat, let alone eat things that were actually good for me. Eating healthy was expensive, boring, and took a lot of time to prepare. This needed to change,
so we came together to make it happen with plant-centric food that’s delicious, nutritious, and ready in minutes.
icon Empowering people to build healthy eating habits
icon Plant based food that’s good for you and the environment
icon Making healthy food accessible to everyone
icon Always balancing taste and nutrition
What you put inside your body matters Our mission from day one has been rooted in the belief that what you eat directly influences how you feel and function. That’s why we created food that’s made with premium quality vitamin rich ingredients that will change your life for the better.
Revive Superfoods
We don’t eat enough fruits & veggies According to the CDC, 1 in every 10 people are eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables everyday. We’re dedicated to ensure the ease and convenience of our pre-portioned eats allow for larger consumption of a variety of superfoods.
Revive Superfoods
Frozen to lock in the good stuff From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to produce our food using frozen ingredients. Why frozen? Ultimately it comes down to the supply chain. The journey that fresh produce goes through once harvested takes weeks from farm to table. Fruits and veggies lose more than 30% of their nutritional value 3 days after harvest. When produce is frozen at the source, nutrients and taste are locked in to optimize the benefits you are getting from every bite.
Revive Superfoods
Building healthy habits with intention At all starts when you put your mind to it. Setting an intention to eat better and stick to it is the first step to building healthy habits. We want you to focus on staying consistent without worrying about the other details like shopping, cooking, and prepping. We take all that on so you can focus on what matters most. A better, healthier, happier, you.
Revive Superfoods